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Message from the President

People have made tools or vessels since ancient time and we have lived using them. In that sense, packages have existed for 10,000 years.

Package design is closely connected to our daily lives today.
Daily necessities being used casually, thirst-quenching drinks, beautifully designed cosmetics, etc. — when these diverse products are passed on to people from producers via stores to be used, package design fulfills an important role.
With a view to deliver value and convey the appeal of package design, the Japan Package Design Association (JPDA) was established in 1960 in the hope that package design would gain public recognition. Later, JPDA got off to a new start in 2013 as a public interest incorporated association.
JPDA pursues its activities to contribute to people and society, making attractive plans and providing opportunities to connect people to people, people to corporations and people to goods.
Therefore, I encourage greater participation of JPDA members as well as non-members in our activities.

JPDA members, you can get new information by joining committee activities and events, which expand your network. Please take an active part in our manifold projects including exhibitions, Package Design Index and Package Design Awards.
It is also possible to participate in project planning regionally. You will discover different values, develop a strong tie with people and get ideas and buds of innovation through committee activities. Collaborative work experience with people outside your corporations will give you opportunities to develop your character and mature as a person.

The goal of JPDA is to become an association which people can take advantage of the activities and find growth opportunities. Start with participation if you want to gain something valuable.
I am looking forward to your active involvement.

Yoshio Kato
Japan Package Design Association