Message from the President

I have two young children. The other day, when I gave my children Chupa Chups, they were delighted and didn’t eat them immediately. Treasuring the lollipops, my children carefully placed them in their desk drawers. I was very happy to see what they did. The Chupa Chups logo was designed by Salvador Dalí who was born in Spain in 1904. We can’t afford expensive Dalí’s works of art, but we can buy the candy. I once again felt the richness of everyday life provided by package design.

The Japan Package Design Association (JPDA), which celebrates its 62nd anniversary in 2022, has been built on the knowledge and experience of package designers since its establishment with the aim of enriching life culture and contributing to the development of the industry through communication among members. In 2018, the Japan Patent Office of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry released a report titled “Design-Driven Management”, which clearly stated the importance of design that contributes to branding and innovation. In 2022, McKinsey & Company, a world-leading consulting firm, issued a report that “More collaborative creative teams drive higher business performance”*. I think now is an era when the power of design is required more than ever. And package design is at the center of major social keywords such as “innovation”, “regional revitalization”, “branding”, and “environmental problems”. Original ideas, ideals and imagination created by package designers take shape, reach the lives of many people, and make a big difference in society. In such an era, we have been and will continue to convey the power of package design to society through the activities of JPDA.

JPDA’s activities include holding of various seminars, the Japan Package Design Competition and exhibitions, conducting of research and study of package design, fostering of domestic and international communication, and issuing of the Package Design in Japan Biennial. All activities are carried out by volunteers from over 700 JPDA members. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the members who are committed to the activities every day. We welcome you to participate in our events and seminars. Our activities are open to everybody, members and non-members. Over the last few years, online communication has become more popular, and we can meet many people regardless of locations. JPDA hopes to be a place for new encounters for many people involved in package design.

May 2022
OGAWA Makoto
President, Japan Package Design Association