Message from the President

The origin of packages can be traced back to containers and vessels in ancient times. They have developed as our daily lives changed and reflect the need to keep food and important things as well as being used for religious ceremonies. ”Wrapping” in Chinese characters signify lives held in mothers’ wombs. A sense of beauty to wrap or hold precious lives, love and sincerity enriched Japanese unique packaging culture as represented by a noshi-gami (Japanese gift wrapping paper), mizuhiki (decorative Japanese cords made from twisted paper to tie a wrapped gift) or furoshiki (square shaped cloths used to wrap items and carry them). This sense of beauty and spirit are maintained in today’s package design.

Package design blends in to our present lives in a wide variety of commodities. If you go to a super market or a convenience store and look around, you will realize how many packages exist. Package design which has rich diversity conveys products’ concepts, projects product images and stimulates senses of deliciousness or beauty that you experienced. Each of these uniquely designed packages brings spiritual richness to our daily lives.

Today, the development of the internet and AI is accelerating change in our lifestyles, the way we consume things, sales methods and the whole concept of products. We are also faced with the need to renew our awareness towards the value of Japan while rapid globalization progresses. In such a major turning point, package design must take a leading position in society in creating value, not just a means to solve problems. On those grounds, the Japan Package Design Association (JPDA) established an activity policy for this fiscal year: To Enhance Design. JPDA strives to revitalize package design focusing on the four powers of creating, learning, communicating and sharing through various activities.

A wide range of JPDA’s activities includes the holding of Japan Package Design Competition, exhibitions and seminars, issuing of the Package Design in Japan Biennial, conducting of research and study of package design, fostering of domestic and international communication and promoting public relations. All the activities are carried out by enthusiastic volunteers from JPDA members and opened to everybody, members and non-members. If you are interested in package design, please participate in JPDA seminars or events. You will be able to obtain knowledge and experience as well as connect with people apart from your daily life and work.

Toru Ito
Japan Package Design Association