Japan Package Design Awards

The Japan Package Design Awards 2015 competition received 1430 entries in total.
In the preliminary selection, 39 members of the Japan Package Design Association selected 414 works to be candidates for the award and to be included in the book “Package Design in Japan Biennial 2015”.
In the final selection, four special judges invited from outside the Association joined the Jury, to evaluate the screened works in each category. After discussions and voting, 36 award winning works were chosen.

“Package Design in Japan Biennial 2015” was published in May 2015.

Grand Prix

POLA EAU DE FLEUR Body Care Productsの画像

POLA EAU DE FLEUR Body Care Products

cl. Pola
cd. Matsui Takashi
ad. Ito Kentaro
d. Isobe Shingo
d. Nakamura Rieko
d. Shirai Nobuyuki

Golden Award Winners