The “Package Design Achievement Award 2022” presented to Mr. NAKAJO Masayoshi


The Japan Package Design Association (JPDA) held the “Package Design Achievement Award 2022” award ceremony at the Tokyo Garden Palace (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) on Friday, May 27, 2022. The award was presented to Mr. NAKAJO Masayoshi in recognition of his achievements in package design, received by Ms. NITTA Satoko (Vice President, Marketing Department, Shiseido Parlour Co., Ltd.), representing the bereaved family of Mr. NAKAJO.

After the ceremony, a commemorative lecture meeting was held by Mr. SHIBUYA Katsuhiko (Creative Director) and Mr. SUZUKI Makoto (the former President of Shiseido Parlour Co., Ltd.) who worked with Mr. NAKAJO on many projects. Facilitated by Mr. NOBUTO Yoji (JPDA Director, SHISEIDO CREATIVE Co., Ltd.), Mr. NAKAJO’s design activities were introduced.

From the left: Mr. SUZUKI Makoto, Mr. SHIBUYA Katsuhiko, Ms. NITTA Satoko, Mr. NOBUTO Yoji

■Package Design Achievement Award 2022
Centered on graphic design, Mr. NAKAJO Masayoshi was involved in a wide range of design activities including package design for Shiseido Parlour and SHISEIDO THE GINZA, and design works for Matsuya Ginza and MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART TOKYO. His stylish and new designs such as the grid design on paper bags for SHISEIDO THE GINZA in 1975, design of paper bags for the new VI for Matsuya Ginza in 1978, and design works for CUISINESHISEIDO in 1984 provided a strong stimulus to the package design world.
The package designs for Shiseido Parlour, which began around 1990, have realized a high cultural value and quality with a playful spirit. Since then, the DNA of the design has been passed down to many of Shiseido Parlour products. His works over 40 years ago never look dated. They are rich in originality, give an inspiration to and are admired by many designers, contributing to the advancement of Japanese package design.
The Package Design Achievement Award 2022 was presented to Mr. NAKAJO for his series of work, which demonstrates the way package design should be.

Unfortunately, Mr. NAKAJO passed away in October 2021 during the selection of awardees. JPDA has selected him as the recipient of the Package Design Achievement Award 2022 to honor his evident achievements in advancing package design.

■Package Design Achievement Award
JPDA presents the Package Design Achievement Award every other year to an individual, group or corporation that has raised awareness of the social importance of package design and contributed to the advancement of Japanese package design.